Civil Rights in Mississippi

In a state where civil rights abuses were rampant for over a hundred years, you would think that they would lead in their civil rights protection. Think again! In the 2008 session of the legislature the sate lawmakers are working on a bill to create a Civil rights division with the Attorney general's office.

Does that mean that abuses in the past were not given the attention they deserved? Of course, it will be spun differently, but IMO, that is exactly what was happening. Mississippi is still suffering from massive civil rights violations. recently a black man was killed by deputies of the Harrison County Sheriff's Dept. And finally, the family was awarded a settlement for wrongful death. But here is the kicker--land owners will be paying for this violation with higher property taxes.

The people of Mississippi need to be more informed. For centuries, the people of the state have been lead around by their noses by rich influential people. The sad part is they seem to like it. An informed electorate is essential for a democratic government--Mississippi is missing that goal completely.

FYI--if you want to check out the creation of the AG's civil rights div--it is HB216--in the state legislature.


Mississippi Code of 1972

Did you know that in the state of Mississippi it is a misdemeanor to have more than 1 illegitimate child. Think I lie? check it out.

§ 97-29-11. Illegitimate children; person becoming natural parent of second illegitimate child; jurisdiction.

(1) If any person, who shall have previously become the natural parent of an illegitimate child within or without this state by coition within or without this state, shall again become the natural parent of an illegitimate child born within this state, he or she shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by imprisonment in the county jail for not less than thirty (30) days nor more than ninety (90) days or by a fine of not more than Two Hundred Fifty Dollars ($250.00), or both. A subsequent conviction hereunder shall be punishable by imprisonment in the county jail for not less than three (3) months nor more than six (6) months or by a fine of not more than Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00), or both. Provided, however, that for the purpose of this section, multiple births shall be construed to be the birth of one (1) child.

(2) The circuit court of the county in which said illegitimate child is born shall have jurisdiction of any action brought under this section. No male person shall be convicted solely on the uncorroborated testimony of the female person giving birth to the child.

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