MS: Hospitals May Close

Some hospitals and nursing homes could shut down, doctors could stop seeing patients and thousands of health- care workers could lose their jobs statewide, according to providers responding to $375 million in Medicaid cuts revealed late Friday.

he cuts also would affect home health care agencies, pharmacists, dentists and others, according to documents filed by Gov. Haley Barbour, a Republican who oversees the program that serves nearly 600,000 Mississippians.

A threat? Most probably.



Democrats predicting November win

Jackson Watch: Democrats predicting November win

This is pretty good prediction. McCain and his staff are running one of the strangest campaigns I can remember and I can remember many. The economy is crapping on many voters and McCain seems to focus on lame proposals and national security. I would guess that that is a losing combination at best.


FEMA Denies Asssistence

While Jackson residents may have received denial letters from FEMA in the weeks following the April 4 tornadoes and storms, they may still be able to get aid. Some residents were denied aid by FEMA because they were already insured.

“By law, we cannot duplicate what insurance already covers or pay for deductibles,” said Michael L. Parker, FEMA’s federal coordinating officer in a statement. “But in some cases, if insurance did not cover all your losses, we may be able to help. Residents who need help making ends meet can visit the FEMA/State Disaster Recovery Center at Willie Morris Library on Old Canton Road to discuss insurance claims and advice after getting their insurance settlement papers.

FEMA will cover hotel costs while homes are uninhabitable or inaccessible if insured victims’ policies do not cover temporary living. Other items such as septic tanks and wells, not usually covered by insurance companies, may be covered by FEMA.

MEMA director Mike Womack believes that they should try to talk with FEMA workers about help. “Even if you have insurance coverage, don’t wait for a settlement before registering with FEMA,” he said. “If you wait for your insurer to act, it may be too late to register for federal assistance. The filing deadline is July 27.”

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