Great Saying

"I may not be able to fight City Hall, but I can crap on the steps to let them know I was there."


Things That Irritate

We all have things that irritate us and irritate us badly. Mine are:

Dane Cook
Reality TV
Hugh Jackman



Have you ever noticed, that the women that are against abortion, you would not want to have sex with them anyway? And why is it that when the child is in the womb it is of paramount concern, but not so much once it is born? Explain that!


What To Say?

Why do people say, "needless to say", if it is truly needless to say?

Do Brunettes have More Fun?

Good question. I recently was grocery shopping and happen to be on the feminine hygiene aisle. So like a curious male I started looking at the products and douches caught my eye. It seems that all the women who need a douche are brunettes. At least, that is the implication by the product packaging. So that lead me to ask the question. Do brunettes have sex more often and need the douche? Or is it some other hygiene problem that I am unaware of?

Just wondering. There are some question that just must be asked.


Looking For Volunteers

sniff! sniff! Something's burning. Never mind--it is only California!

I my area yesterday, I listen to a Repub candidate talking about needing volunteers to work in the area to help people. I thought and I thought and I finally have it! How nice, Repubs have been wanting to not pay people wages since their inception.

It is not only the GOP that wants free labor, most of the Dems are just as guilty. If these capitalist pigs had their way, no worker would be paid, just exploited tirelessly.



This is national pizza month--why? Is there some special reason that pizza should have a speical month? I mean other than you are too f*cking lazy to cook. If that is the reason, why not call it "Lazy F*cks month"?

Who decided this for us? If it was the Congress, who votes on the names of post office, or a stamp, or a thanks for the memories, or other worthless bovine fecal matter. then it is time to have them all killed and start over.

Peace--Love--Dope and $47.50 a week.

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