What Is It?

I have a pound of jelly beans in my underwear...........Okay, that is a lie! I do not wear underwear!

It is November and yet another Republican caught in a homosexual situation. Damn! these guys are just ate up with gay bashers who are gay. WTF?

A Washington politician named Curtis has resigned because his gay lover is trying to blackmail him. Did I miss something? All that condemnation of Bill Clinton for getting blow job and since then conserv after conserv has been caught in gay relationships. I even heard a repub strategist say that it was nothing more than politics.

You gotta love these guys, when they are called on sexual stuff it is nothing but politics and when they call a Dem on them it is having America's best interests at heart. Just shoot these fools!

Move on!


Is She A Blonde?

I thought it was pronounced C_L_I_T_O_R_I_S!

Ok now that I have your attention.

I was watching the Tube last nite and came upon one of the ads for working the Abs. This brunette was saying that the machine got rid of her fat roll--Only now she is a blond. So the machine not only helps the person slim down, but it dyes their hair for them. Now that is a thoughtful machine. Just goes to show how far technology has come in the last 15 minutes.




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