Mississippi Coast: A Meeting Of The Minds

A meeting scheduled for Friday will launch an economic initiative to unite neighborhoods and businesses in several parts of the city.

At the "Ward 2, Ward 3" meeting, citizens will learn about hurricane recovery projects and opportunities. The meeting begins a movement to encourage investment and interaction between neighbors and businesses in the two wards.

Wards 2 and 3 include Old Town, Beach Boulevard and the waterfront to Washington Street, the Depot District, and the stretch of Washington running from the beach to Old Spanish Trail and then back toward Main Street.

As much as anything, organizers see the gathering as a meeting of the minds and a path to the future. Public works projects will be updated and development ideas may be discussed in a variety of areas.

The meeting is open to all comers. Invitations were mailed to property owners of record in the two districts, and to local builder's groups. Representatives of the Main Street program will also attend, "to discuss possibilities of funding for small businesses," Thriffiley said.

Representatives of the Army Corps of Engineers have been invited to give a briefing on the Bay St. Louis seawall project. The Mississippi Department of Transportation is also expected to have a representative on hand to brief residents on the pending Beach Boulevard reconstruction project.

May I suggest that one lives in Bay St. Louis then this meeting should be attended. Ask questions if you do not understand what they are proposing. If you do not attend then you have little say what there politicians are doing to your city.


MS House Bill 919

The MS House of Representatives is considered a bill that would create a task force to study laws regulating pre-need contracts for funeral services. To me the only thing that is need to be known is if the person on the contract is dead or not.

This is a bit of a waste. Mississippi congressional antics are more for show than for actual progress.With all the bickering and such, the bouncing bills back and forth, maybe the idea of a unicameral body would be a better idea. Would save the state money and the sanity of the people.


Guest Workers Get The Shaft

Indian shipyard workers accuse their employer of human trafficking and forced labor : NOLA Indymedia

These workers were used and abused. They were treated like 2nd class citizens and have taken to the picket line. Unfortunately, Mississippi is a right to work state and their concerns will most likely fall on deaf ears.

I support their efforts and will do anything that will help them get the justice they deserve.


Mississippi's Teen Pregnancies

Events to tackle climbing teen pregnancy rate | clarionledger.com | The Clarion-Ledger

This is Mississippi's answer to trying to stem the rising tide of the state's teen pregnancies. Silly, at best. It goes back to that religious crap. Instead of educating teens on the sexual side of life, they want to preach abstinence and marriage. That has gone a long way to stemming the tide in the past (sarcasm intended).

Hormones will be hormones and they should think of it in that light and stop all this perfect marriage crap and definately stop the abstinence thing--NOT GONNA HAPPEN


Drugs Are Always A Problem

The cities are crawling with drug dealers and buyers, but some of the buyers are really cops. There is lots of money in drugs and also in drug enforcement and when that much in millions is available to the access of some, there will always be problems. As it has been in the Mississippi Delta region of the state.

Law enforcement officials met with auditors from the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Inspector General. The Mississippi Department of Public Safety in January asked the federal government to investigate possible misuse of federal grant money by North Central and Tri-County Narcotics Task Force, which operated in Oktibbeha, Clay and Lowndes counties until the state defunded them last year.

While March said the investigation cleared the North Central Task Force, Sam Albritton, executive director of the Division of Public Safety Planning, said the auditors found "deficiencies with the program."

"Poor documentation is leaving an appearance of impropriety," he said.

Albritton said auditors found weak accounting procedures and problems in reconciling the cash vouchers for undercover drug purchases with the daily activity reports filed by agents.

"The whole thing boils down to bookkeeping issues," he said.

Albritton said auditors reviewed 75 sample documents and found problems tracking federal money, including money used to purchase drugs. A written report from the inspector general's office is due next week, he said.

Albritton said the federal probe is continuing and may expand to other task forces. He said auditors next will turn their attention to the Tri-County Task Force, which DPS inspectors recommended not be funded after the unit overbilled for crime lab fees and went over budget for undercover drug buys despite having purchased a relatively small amount of drugs.

DPS officials requested the federal investigation following a dispute with task force members over funding for the 2008 fiscal year. A panel made up of local law enforcement from around the state concurred with the DPS recommendation that North Central be denied funding. The task force had asked for $301,550 in federal money.

A Metro Government

I have an idea, well not really, it has been considered on several occasions but has been shot down everytime. But I think it is worth considering yet again. One of the points that keep it from being successful is that the different cities would lose their individuality. I say BULL! New York did not and why would the Coast?

One large city from bridge to bridge. A Metro-plex. Public services would be centralized and all playing on same page. City government would be centralized and decisions for the Coast would not have to be considered by many cities. Grant money could be more easily acquired from the Federal government. Standards from everything from construction to food prep would be standardized.

There are many reasons why it would make good economical sense and it is time for this to be considered again. Especially now with the aftermath of Katrina still sour in the mouths of the residents. Petty jealousies and minor differences are not good reason to kill the effort. The well being and security of ALL Coastians should be the only consideration.


Lott Gets New Gig

Jackson Free Press: Jackson, Mississippi - Noise - Lott Uses Old Campaign Cash to Help Lobbying Clients

This is a cross-post from my other blog, Studies and Observations.

McCain Faults Bush Response to Gulf Storm - New York Times

McCain Faults Bush Response to Gulf Storm - New York Times

McCain panders to the voters in the hurricane zone. Everybody that visits the area effected by Katrina and Rite have the same thing to say, "it will never happen again". All I can say is, "we will see".

Mississippi Earth Day

Crap! First I missed it, inmy notes I had the date as 28 April 08, and it was 22 April o8.

SC684--established Mississippi Earth Day with the words, "celebrate God's creation".

Think the concept is a noble effort, but what does it accomplish? One day of talk and stuff, then back to 364 days of pollution and non-caring. Where does that accomplish anything?

If you are gonna do this type of thing then put some meat to it. Like driving between certain hours illegal or make public transportation free for the day, make water waste illegal and fineable--do something besides talk!

How long has this country been bitching about oil dependence? And all that talk has it gotten us any closer to independence? Earth Day is a wonderful attempt, but why not make it stand for something?


S. MS: SunHerald.com : Katrina museum winning support

SunHerald.com : Katrina museum winning support

I know that we on the Coast get anal sometimes about Katrina, but this area has had 2 of the most destructive hurricanes to ever hit the US. I say that a permanent museum is a good, no an excellent idea. But the only problem will be the it will be politically correct, and that is unacceptable.

Within this museum should have a "Hall of Shame" to include missed opportunities by the government and list of names of those who were defrauding the public. Of course, this will be fought for there will be some names on there that will be embarrassing, but I say screw. If they screwed up during Katrina then let everyone know who they are and what they did, to include those in Washington.


Mississippi Coast Could Lose Another Landmark

SunHerald.com : Library demolition won't be delayed

Yet more indication of where these political parasites are at. The relocation has nothing to do with the fact that the original location is a prime piece of beach property. And that someone wants it already. There are annexes of the library everywhere and it should be returned to its location.

Hope you fools see what a bunch of phonies your elected officials are. You voted for them and gave them the power to do this. are you happy now?

We should all support, We The People, in their efforts to save our library. They will need all the local support we can give them . Or sit back and bitch and watch the library be lost. Your choice.

Mississippi: When May They Vote Again?

Is the question some Mississippians have asked. You if one has a felony conviction on one's record, then they have lost their voting privileges for a lifetime. This was a way to control the black vote, well an attempt to control that vote. Wait one can have one's voting rights back but there is a process of retaining a lawyer and partitioning the legislature to have one's suffrage rights returned to one.

Personally, I think that the process should be a whole lot easier, such as the rights are returned if the person has re-paid society and been clean for 3-5 years. A simple form filled out and a minimal fee and one's rights would be returned.

The process of letting the Legislature is a waste of time, for each person partitioning for their rights is a separate bill. A waste of time and money. We could cut the bill load in half , if all commending and all suffrage requests were put into one bill of each catagory, and dealt with on the last day of a session.

Mississippi never takes the smartest way out when it comes to anything that is race related. This whole process will continue and qualified voters will be eliminated all in the name of that damn stupid Code of 1972.


Katrina Victims Continue To Be Screwed

SunHerald.com : Katrina suit fraud claim dropped

Katrina victims continue to be screwed by just about everyone. This is a case that needs an outside arbiter. The court system seems determined to make the victims of Katrina the butt of there interference.

MS-01: To Pick a Wicker Clone Or Not?

SunHerald.com : Election will pick Wicker's replacement

Voters in the !st District in North Mississippi will go to the polls and decide who will replace Wicker since his move to the Senate. Do tell! Will Mississippi send another Repub to Washington or will they try something different this time?

Mississippi's Moron-Ocracy--Part 3


As a final chapter of the 2008 regular legislative session, chapter 3 is the UGLY, bills and such that were just plain stupid!

HB1096--bill concerned with fighting between dog and hog

HB 314--bill making it illegal for cops to give false info--is that not a law already?

HR 24--reciting the pledge of allegiance--why?

SB 2550--covenant of marriage is between a man and a woman--MS has always been homophobic

Crap! I have lost the Bill number!

The ban of smoking in public places--this is ugly because it can be interpreted in different ways--I foresee some abuse by do nothing politicians.


HB282--,making it illegal to serve certain food to overweight people. This made news everywhere. Showed what a bunch of ignorant slackers out legislature is . Showed the lunacy of the legislation process.

There will most likely be a special session to try and get more stuff done and I will be watching and I will be reporting.

Peace Out My peeps!


Mississippi's Moron-Ocracy

Part 2--THE BAD

These are bills and such that, IMO, were not the best ideas that could have been pursued.

1--HB375--E85 pumps mandatory at gas station--this is sorta good but mostly bad. Yes it would help the dependency on oil, but it will help increase the price of food stuffs......E85 is not the best way to approach this problem.

2--HB406--phase out corporate income tax
3--HB445--Reduce sales tax on motorcycles--these two are just dumb--this will eliminate much needed funds from the collection process.

4--Hair Braiding Law--this is my fav--best I can say about this is WHY?

But wait! There is more!

SC685--Mississippi Law Day--honor the rule of law. Why? It is the Law! Ha!

HB1507--The city of Vicksburg has contracted the state of Louisiana to house municipal prisoners. Does that mean that LA does not have a crowding prob in their prisons? Or is it the cash? You decide.

These are not all the bad bills just the ones that I saw and wanted to comment on. I am sure others have different views but I like mine better...HA!

But the biggest waste of time and money is the endless commending people, teams, and other such nonesense. Yes these stuff needs to be recognized, but put it all in one bill and handle it on the last day, the very last thing. Same goes for returning suffrage to people. Stop! Make all one bill and handle it as such.

Tomorrow we get Part 3--the UGLY the final chapter in the saga of Mississippi stupidity.


Mississippi's Moron-Ocracy

Part 0ne--The Good

Years ago I wrote an editorial for a now defunct weekly called the Gulfport Star-Journal, about the Mississippi Legislature and I thought it was a good time to resurrect that thought.

This will be a 3 part post entitled The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

The Mississippi Legislature had a few really good bills, at least in my opinion.

HB8--would outlaw driving while using a cell phone

HR31--Funds for a museum for Sam Cooke

HB57--Restrict lobbying until 4 yrs after leaving the government service

HB216--create a civil rights division within the Attorney General's office

HB453--Compulsory education law

HB543--create an open primary for the state of MS

HB684--create curbside voting for the handicapped

HB1151--create a paper voting trail

HB1496--repeal sale tax on hurricane supplies

These are bills that I thought showed that Mississippi was at least becoming more concerned with the affairs of the people. Most of these failed, but at least these were tried and a possibility that they could be successful next session.

But the biggest disappointment was the failure of HR 13--the Worker's Bill Of Rights, for once Mississippi was showing concern for the workers, but unfortunately it died in committee. And HB9 was another workers defeat, it would have made 28 April, the Worker's Memorial Day, which would have brought attention to workers safety and those who have died.

These were great ideas and excellent tries---BETTER LUCK NEXT SESSION!

Next post will be The Bad. This will be the bills and such that were not so good


Legal Services For The Poor

A hearing Friday evening before the Mississippi Access to Justice Commission, created by the state Supreme Court, showed that most residents at or below the poverty level are shut out of the civil legal system. The Gulfport hearing was the first planned for each of Mississippi's congressional districts.

The hearings are designed to gather statistics and information that show the need for change, Supreme Court Justice Jess Dickinson told the audience.

"It's at crisis proportions in our Chancery Court," said Judge Margaret Alfonso, who said poor parents are without representation when the courts decide whether their children should be removed from the home because abuse or neglect has been alleged.

Although legal issues have grown more complex, federal funding for legal services has decreased. The Mississippi Center for Legal Services received $7 million in 1995 but only $5 million last year. A staff of 31 attorneys serves 82 counties.

One suggestion was a better system of coordinating free, or pro bono, work offered by private attorneys. Mississippi attorneys are now asked to offer 20 pro bono hours a year, or contribute $200 toward legal services. Publicizing contact numbers for legal resources also was discussed. Participants said access to the courts also could be improved by simplifying some procedures so non-lawyers could handle them.

The poor in Mississippi have for too long been denied legal services and this attemot should go further, but it is a start to change the fact that justice in the state is a bit one sided.

HR13/HC9--Less Than Honorable Death

HR13--Worker's bill Of Rights--a bill that would have guaranteed certain rights to workers like guaranteed safety standards, the right to organize, etc has died in committee...a less than hinorable death for a bill that could have been ground breaking for Mississippi.

HC9--Worker's Memorial Day--28 April, for the observation of workers that have died on the job and to help bring attention to workplace safety--died in committee.

I was hoping that Mississippi would wake up and join the 21st century, I was mistaken. It will always be a right to work state where the workers are nothing more than a tool to be used til broke and by a new one.


A New Coast Tax

Following Ocean Springs' lead, Moss Point's mayor is contemplating a 2 percent food and beverage tax to build a new facility to house the police department, courtrooms and a jail.

Xavier Bishop said the police department is one of several municipal buildings near the waterfront that must move out of the flood zone.

"The plans are for the municipal building currently downtown to be relocated. That includes the current police station," Bishop said.

Ok people think about this...your tax dollars are paying for a war...a stupid war.....all the while the infrastructure is suffering from a lack of funds. Now the people must pay higher taxes to do something that should be a program of domestic relief for the states.

If you vote for someone that will keep the war going, then I sincerely hope that you enjoy paying your higher taxes for services that should already be funded.

Peace and Out!

More Good News

Yes there is more good news for the residents of Mississippi (sarcasm intended). Customers of the power companies will be paying more in the bills so that the companies can build new plants.

A bill giving power companies the ability to raise rates to help pay for new multibillion-dollar power plants before they are built cleared the Legislature on Wednesday and is headed to the governor.

Utility companies asked for Senate Bill 2793, but those against the plan had said consumers could be stuck with higher bills even if a power company decides not to go forward with expansions. The version of the bill passed Wednesday does allow the Public Service Commission to require the money to be returned to ratepayers if a power plant plan falls through, but it's not automatic.

Now ask yourself, how much profit was made by these companies and why should they make us pay for something we have to have. Why cannot these companies pay for their own construction. I nor you get that benefit. But then we are not a wealthy company that pays the legislators to do their bidding.

You need to speak up! And speak up NOW!


America should invest in the 'front side of life' :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Jesse Jackson

America should invest in the 'front side of life' :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Jesse Jackson

Jesse has made some good points about the future and what needs to be done. I may not be one of his most loyal supporters, but I will give him his props.

No Smoking In Mississippi

As of 1 May 2008, it will be ILLEGAL to smoke in public places in the state of Mississippi. Now that is all well and good, but if they can force Mississippians from smoking why cannot they force them into other well deserved stands? Like mandatory education, or mandatory, forced compliance with environmental conditions, just wondering. They can force me to stop smoking in public, with the end result of me to stop smoking, period, but yet they cannot force these rich dickwads from squandering the gas supplies with vehicles that pollute and suck down gas.

To be honest, I am really pissed at these damn women that cannot drive without talking on a cel, but the government of the state cannot prevent this. Why? And the state cannot make it mandatory that these idiot children stay in school. Why? Could it be that it is an infringement on the rights? That is just FUNNY!


Mississippi And The Right To Work

I live in the glorious state of Mississippi, where unions are frowned upon thus making the state attractive to greedy corporations that are looking for workers that they do not have to pay going wages. I have been a union organizer in the state and it is a tough nut to crack. Workers are not protected by law from employers that do not let the workers to decide their future.

Here are a few things about the so-called right-to-work policies of most Southern states.

Right-to-Work laws inhibit the right to organize.

Right-to-Work laws do not guarantee any rights. Right-to-Work statutes prohibit employers and unions from voluntarily negotiating a union security agreement. A union security agreement requires employees who benefit from the union’s representation to pay dues that cover the costs of union negotiations, contract administration, and other union-provided job services.

Right-to-Work laws are designed to financially cripple the union movement.
Federal law requires unions to represent nonmembers. For example, if a nonunion worker is fired illegally, the union must finance the expensive legal proceedings to defend him or her. Right-to-Work laws allow workers to enjoy a union’s services without paying dues. Not only does this discourage workers from joining the union, but it undermines worker solidarity.

Right-to-Work laws decrease wages for everyone.
Because workers’ organizing rights are diminished in states with Right-to-Work laws, an average worker earns about $7,131 a year less than workers in free bargaining states ($30,656 versus $37,787).1 Across the nation, union members earn $9,308 a year more than nonunion members ($41,652 versus $32,344).2 Clearly these laws only provide a right to work for less.

Right-to-Work laws especially harm people of color.
People of color generally benefit the most from union membership. On average, Hispanic union members earn 50 percent ($224) more each week than nonunion Hispanics, and African Americans earn 31 percent ($156) more each week if they are union members.3

Right-to-Work states have more poverty, higher infant mortality rates and poorer schools.
Right-to-Work states have a poverty rate of 13.5 percent, compared with 12.2 percent in free bargaining states. The infant mortality rate is 7.94 percent higher and the uninsured population rate is 15 percent higher on average in Right-to-Work states. And Right-to-Work states spend on average $1,680 less per pupil in elementary and secondary school. The lack of spending results in lower teacher salaries and student test scores—average teacher salaries are $6,943 lower and composite ACT scores are 3.55 percent lower in Right-to-Work states.

Just a few of the benefits for the corporations and the bane of the workers in the state of Mississippi.


MS Senator Is Tops!

The new study of "pork" spending has been released and the now senior Senator from Mississippi is the best at pissing money away. Sen. Thad Cochran has toppede the list of the most pork spending earmarks. He got $892.2 million.

Special interests always get their money and usually with the help of elected officials. Thank you Sen Cochran, you have put Mississippi first, finally.

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